Are Pets Allowed at the Maitland Rotary Club Art Festival in Florida?

The Maitland Rotary Club Art Festival is a boutique art event that takes place around Lake Lily Park in Maitland, Florida. This amazing art festival is a great opportunity to view and purchase a wide range of artworks. With more than 130 artists expected to attend, the festival will showcase categories such as sculpture, carpentry, ceramics, jewelry, leather, glass and more. The 46th edition of the Maitland Rotary Arts Festival, “Art Under the Stars” is the only nighttime fine art exhibition in Florida.

It's designed to house a collection of the best art fairs in the country. However, anyone exhibiting these works will be asked to leave and the entry fee will be forfeited. Pets are not allowed in the exhibition area. Be sure to attend one or more of these art festivals and show your support for fine art, fun craft exhibitions, and the artists who make them possible. With Florida's beautiful weather this time of year, it's the perfect time to experience the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts at Walt Disney World.

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